Seeking Justice for The Jockey

The Jockey's Justice by retired criminal investigator, Michael Phelps, is the second title of his Mike Walsh Detective Novels. There is one thing I learned rather quickly: when a jockey screams for justice, we had better pay attention.


Michael Phelps carried me along for the journey when I began reading about his lead character, Mike Walsh, taking on the case of a murdered jockey. I learned immediately that the jockey's wife and two members of his family were accused of committing the crime.


As Mike Walsh interviewed the wife and her son-in-law, both incarcerated in different Miami prisons, I felt they were falsely accused. As it turns out, Mike Walsh thought they were innocent, too, and I wanted so much to see how he would go about proving it.


The Jockey's Justice took me to a few states and I learned a few surprises, the biggest one convincing me that there was something deadly going on at one of the racetracks.


As Mike Walsh dug deeper to find out the facts, I caught myself asking him questions, even suggesting questions he should ask those he interviewed. I was definitely absorbed insolving the crime and had to see it to the end to find out who was really responsible for committing murder.


Phelps also allowed me, as a reader, to see what it's like living the life of a law enforcement officer - the busy hours involved, regardless of the time of day or night.


I saw Mike Walsh at the top of his game and saw him in the solitude of his home, resting with his German Shepherd dogs whenever he had the chance.


Essentially, I saw and got to know the "human" side of the professional; it endeared the character of Mike Walsh to me even more than if I had only seen him in action.


For law enforcement officers or readers who enjoy a good mystery and want to feel as if you are going along for the ride, I'd definitely take a few moments to learn more about The Jockey's Justice by visiting the book's page on Amazon.