Andi McConnell Mysteries

I was introduced to Lorena McCourtney's writing and knew I'd definitely be reading more of her work.


I had the pleasure of reading the first title of her Andi McConnell Mysteries, the first title being Your Chariot Awaits. It contained humor which I've come to expect from Lorena's books yet had serious undertones and, despite being a Christian fiction title, it was gently told without the feeling of being preachy.


In fact, the main female character is new to Christianity and we see her struggle as she tries to exercise faith more consistently. It actually made the story more interesting to read because we wonder about where the story is going but, at the same time, wonder whether she will flounder in her new-found faith or grow immeasurably.


As the story is told, Andi McConnell's ex-boyfriend was found murdered in the trunk of her limo, which she had recently inherited from a rich uncle. Of course, she was a main suspect in the case but was determined to prove her innocence. Using any/all resources at her disposal, Andi McConnell learned the answer to a very important question and came face to face with danger as she had never known. A truly engaging read to the end!


Of course, I read the second title in the series titled, Here Comes the Ride. By this time, Andi McConnell had established a limo service and was contracted frequently. She couldn't believe her good fortune when hired to cater to the needs of wedding guests for five days - day and night - during which time she would stay in a mansion of a home and be on call 24/7.


Meeting the bride-to-be, however, raised questions in Andi McConnell's mind. Something seemed off. The bride didn't appear excited about the wedding and, to make things more peculiar, her step-mother seemed to be sparing no expense in having the wedding of the century. Andi McConnell mulled over these things but, when a murder occurred during the wedding ceremony, everything changed. Hired to stay on a while longer as chauffeur, Andi McConnell finds herself up to her neck in solving the biggest whodunit of all.


These are both fantastic reads and I'd encourage any woman who enjoys a nice mystery and a touch of romance to give these books a chance. If you wish to purchase either title, please click the book cover which will take you directly to the each's page on Amazon.