When You're Believed to Be A Traitor

For His Eyes Only shares the story of Cole and Jesse, both involved in the military, who ran into each other - not by accident as one may have supposed, but by design.


In a world where very little is as it seems, even for the reader it was hard to know whom to trust. There were so many players on the scene and trying to sort the good guys from the bad became very difficult because a level of suspicion could be placed upon them all.


Believed to be a traitor, Jesse was sought after - but not only by international forces; even her own government was concerned. Whether she was brought in dead or alive didn't really matter.


In spite of everything which had happened and was happening in her life, Jesse had one reason to live: her autistic sister, Amanda, whose whereabouts she was able to remain hidden - until something happened which put Amanda at risk.


Desperate to make certain her sister was all right, it was time for Jesse to make a decision. Forced to choose between getting to her sister on her own or trusting Cole to help her, she still battled over Cole's identity.


Who is he? Is he who he claims to be and, if so, why are people following them? Why does Cole seem to be hiding his association with them from her? Is Cole really a friend or foe?


As this story races towards the finish line, we wonder if Amanda will ever find a place where she can feel truly safe and live in peace.


We also wonder what the outcome will be between Jesse and Cole. When the ultimate showdown occurs, will Cole turn out to be a person Jesse and Amanda can both count on or will Jesse curse the day their paths crossed?


For His Eyes Only has great believable and likable characters with a story containing enough action and mystery to keep the reader guessing. If you would like to learn more about this story and to read some of the reviews, visit the book's page on Amazon.


Update: February 02, 2023 - This title seems to be unavailable at Amazon.