The Feelings A Poem Conveys

I enjoy poetry - reading poems and writing them. I will be the first to admit I have to think about some poems to determine what the author may have been trying to convey; sometimes I can figure it out, other times I can't and there are those times a poem means something different to me than it means to you.


I began writing poetry as a teenager as a way of expressing my feelings. I was always an introspective type of person and was very sensitive emotionally - both to my own feelings and those of others. It wasn't long before I had had quite a collection of poems.


The trend would continue thoughout my life. I could sit and write a poem about anything, at any point in time. Just as it is with writing books, this entity called, Writer's Block, has never come knocking on my door; I hope it stays that way.


For a few years, many of my poems had been featured on a previous site, Norma's Poetry. Why I took that site down, I will never know and I fear some of my poems may have gotten lost. I pray it isn't so; I will try diligently to find all of them - but there used to be hundreds. Of course, some of my poems were personal in nature - written to someone for a special occasion. I would not feel right about publishing those because they were not meant to be read by the masses.


At any rate, this is only the beginning of the poetry section of Norma's World. Stay tuned!