I've enjoyed reading since I can remember but, after publishing e-books of my own, I knew how much I enjoyed receiving reviews. It only seemed right to review the titles I had read to give that same pleasure to other authors, especially those indie authors who were starting out. I'll be the first to admit my reviews are not necessarily critiques but anyone who takes the time to read a couple will know they are interspersed with personal thoughts and feelings, even questions I had during the reading of a book- and sometimes long after the last page had been turned. Of course, sometimes I want to know more about the author so have taken the opportunity to get some candid interviews with a few of the authors behind the titles.


Occasionally, I've been known to pick up titles by some of my favourite mainstream authors and will write a review for those titles, too. However, my experience while reading many of the indie fiction titles I've discovered has been so positive, I spend 90% of my reading time in that world. I'm so proud to know some of the indie authors whose books I've reviewed have gone on to become NYT Best-Selling Authors.


It's a great feeling to purchase a title by someone whose name I've never heard only to discover that I'm turning the pages the same as if I was reading titles by my faves like Dee Henderson, Deborah Bedford, Karen Kingsbury and Terri Blackstock, among others. I feel I'm always on the prowl, always looking for the next potential best-selling author.


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Come on! Kick up your feet and allow me to introduce you to a few titles you know you'll have to read...and I've even made it easy for you to find the books on Amazon because I've included purchase links for every title I've reviewed on their featured page.


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