Covert Reich

Well, I picked up this medical/political thriller and guess what happened? I was hooked! This time, instead of going to bed at a respectable hour, I stayed up reading until after six in the morning. Covert Reich took me on a ride unlike any I could have ever imagined.


Between the pages of this book, I met a few unsavory characters who hoped to run the country - indeed, the world - the way they deemed would be best. They wanted to get rid of undesirables, the people who didn't quite fit the mold of a respectable society. Of course, those undesirables included anyone who wasn't among the purest of "white society." In fact, the characters were so unsavory, they had developed a plan to rid the world of those they hated in a way you would never guess - and I'm not going to tell you.


If you venture into the pages of Covert Reich, be sure you have lots of time on your hands or you're prepared to stay up all night. To read more my review of the book, click here.