Hidden Agendas

Three recent books I've read have a (combined) wide range of activity going on between their pages. They have brought me through a wide range of emotions, not to mention engaged my senses in many ways.


These books have made me want to lash out in anger, protect a child, pull a trigger, help an assassin get away, ignore a few things I've been taught to be true, bring down multiple levels of government ... you name it.


All three titles have a common theme: hidden agendas. In each story, someone is hiding an agenda and, in each case, it involves murder.


I must admit to having taken quite a journey, and I want to share part of it with you by directing you to the three titles to which I am referring.


There's a conspiracy and it involves climate change and the real reasons behind it. The people trying to reveal the truth to the public are turning up dead, and it's up to Max Ford to determine what the truth of the matter really is.


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A man with a conscience has been ordered to kill. He has no problem; it's his job. When the next order comes, he resists because the targets are not guilty of anything. Then his girlfriend's life is threatened when an ultimatum ensues.


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Lexi was plagued when she heard Joey's screams at the hands of his father. The police didn't believe her when she called for help. Little did she realize the impact she would have on Joey's life by holding his hand through a fence.


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