Am I Really A Mistake?

Daddy was married but fell in love with Mommy; I came from the love they shared. Let me tell you the story, as I know it:


Mommy was kidnapped and Daddy came to her rescue. Someone tried to kill her in the hospital but, luckily, Daddy was in the room at the time and was able to save her life again. A bond developed as they ran for their lives and, in the process, fell in love.


When it was safe for everyone again, Mommy knew she had to leave Daddy. She loved him with all of her heart but felt guilty for getting so close to him. She boarded a plane and learned she was having me a couple of months later.


I've watched Mommy crying a lot through the years - times she didn't know I was around. I mastered the art of being quiet because, in my soul, I knew she needed to grieve...but I wished God would bring Mommy and Daddy together. It was the only prayer I really had; it was as much for them as it was for me because I knew Daddy would love me as soon as he met me.


Mommy and Daddy weren't the only people who did something they shouldn't have done...but, if they didn't fall in love, I wouldn't be here. I can't imagine that. I like walking with God when the wind whispers through the trees, and I like talking to Him every day when I sit beside the river - and every night before I go to sleep. I feel good when I help people. I enjoy hugs and seeing people smiling because something I did made them happy.


Is it really possible I shouldn't have been born? Some people would say that; they wouldn't care about how I felt because I was the result of a wrong relationship. It makes me want to cry because I know, deep down, God approves of me. He made me and He loves me just as much as He loves the kids born to married parents. 


God had a reason for creating me so, when people try to make me sad - to make me feel like I'm dirty - I remember God whispering in my ear, reminding me that He loves me, and always will.


God has been my Father all my life but the relationship between Mommy and Daddy, not to mention everything which happened back then, was An Affair to Remember and I still wanted to meet my daddy. I'm glad God answered my prayer and I know When Love Abides, God can turn tragedy to triumph.


If you'd like to learn more about the story, when the relationship between Mommy and Daddy started, you'll want to read An Affair to Remember. If you'd rather just learn what happened when I came on the scene, be sure to read When Love Abides but I still think you'll appreciate everything more if you start at the beginning.


Lately, Daddy has been telling me a little about a man named Jack Steele. It seems he has a story of his own which will be shared in another book, Soul Confessions. I can't wait to meet him!


Anyway, thank for letting me share some of my thoughts with you. It's been a real pleasure.


Hope Townsend