Monica Townsend - Reflections

My name is Monica Townsend; perhaps you've heard of me but chances are you haven't, so allow me to tell you a little about myself.


I am an editor who enjoys the opportunity to write, when time allows. I've lived with my mother since I was born, but not because I'm afraid to live alone; the truth is that my father was killed when I was a little girl and my mother became too fragile emotionally. She seemed happier when I was around. 


It was tough throughout the years, just the two of us. I never would have imagined living without my father but, as I grew and saw the look in Mom's eyes different times - when the doorbell rang and she wasn't expecting anyone, or when the phone rang in the middle of the night and we both rushed to answer it - I could only interpret what I saw as fear.


I have mixed feelings about my father; as a little girl I adored him but, as I grew and learned the truth about his lifestyle, I wished he had made different choices. By the time he realized the error of his ways, it had already been too late. Even so, it still hurts to know that the man I loved with all of my heart became the reason fear shone in my mother's eyes. It broke my heart to see what she had become.


There are words I would like to say to my father, questions I would like to ask, but I will never have such an opportunity because he is no longer here. The choices he made in life have robbed me of the kind of future every little girl dreams about - a knight in shining armor who comes to her rescue with not a care in the world.


My knight came into my life but the circumstances were far from ideal, and the only reason he met me is because I was kidnapped - another circumstance I had to endure because of the choices my father had made.


I really want to tell you my story but just thinking about that night makes me want to cry. I can feel my body beginning to tremble so, instead of forcing myself to live through the ordeal again, I'll simply tell you to check out, An Affair to Remember, the first book of Norma Budden's Freedom in Love series. You can find it at Amazon.


When you read my story, please come back to tell me what you thought about it. I would appreciate it if you shared your thoughts about, An Affair to Remember, at Goodreads or Amazon, too, so other people may be interested in learning my story.


I really look forward to your visit,

Monica Townsend